Prappas Ethics Essay Eth/316

Theories are normally formed to display different beliefs. These theories are often used to help people try to figure out who they might become or where they might belong. The three main theories are the virtue, utilitarianism, and deontological theories. Each theory takes a different view on ethics and morals. Virtue ethics theory “we become good when we cultivate excellence (virtue) by pursuing the moderate course between excess and defect” (Boylan, 2009). This theory takes into question whether or not a person is judged by their actions or their character. If a person is judged by their actions, then the theory states that they are judged ethically. If a person is judged by their character, then they are judged morally. This theory states that there is always a constant internal fight between a person’s ethics and morals. Utilitarianism theory, “suggests that an action is morally right when that action produces

Ethics Essay Eth/316

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Ethics Essay

February 25, 2013

Ethics Essay
The theories of virtue, utilitarianism, and deontology are similar in some aspects but for the most part are very different. Each of the theories will be explained to show their differences and the type of person that would gravitate towards that theory. Through the explanations one would also be able to consider where there morals or ethics may lie but can also see themselves in each theory.
The Virtue Theory, also know as Virtue Ethics, refers to the character of each person. This theory states that every person should try for excellence. The characteristics of each individual are made up from their environment that they are a part of. The theory would further suggest…show more content…

Deontology theory can be seen within those persons that provide protection for another without question no matter the inherent danger. The will to act is shown through this theory such as that would be considered of the Spartan Army. The Spartan Army would not ask how many strong are the enemy but where the enemy is.
Utilitarianism Theory is one that embodies the thought of taking care of the whole group and not the individual. This theory is a moral theory as we see wanting to make the group better. It can only be our morals to drive us to want what is best for a group. If one person is stronger in writing than another during the course of the project, then the weaker writer may ask the stronger one to take over. It is knowing your personal weakness and asking or foregoing your own glory to better the group that you are part of. One that can set aside their pride is a far better person and shows their true sense of morals.
In thinking about a personal experience to be discussed in combination with one of these theories, I keep coming back to the theory of utilitarianism. The reason being that I know I have an alpha personality, meaning that I like to be in control and have the control. I tend to leave this part of me outside the classroom to have a clear head and to allow the learning teams to work more cohesive with the other members. It has been my experience that issues have arisen in each of the

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