Biological Science Personal Statement

Arthur C Clarke wrote in 1969 that 'If an elderly but distinguished scientist says that something is possible he is almost certainly right, but if he says that something is impossible he is very probably wrong'. This comment on science represents how I feel towards biological research. I desire to find the impossible. Biology inspires me because of an altruistic desire to help other people, coupled with an aspiration to develop ground breaking biological technologies via research. I enjoy engaging with biology - and take pleasure in grappling with the challenges it presents.

I have an interest in a range of biology based courses, including cellular/molecular biology, genetics and natural sciences. This stems from inspiring science teaching during my formative years and attending the BA Science Festival at the University of East Anglia in 2006. The lectures were particularly inspiring and turned me onto science as a future research career. This career path has been further developed by my being given the opportunity to work in a research field during summer 2007. This opportunity was provided by the Nuffield Foundation/Science Bursary. My four week research placement was hosted by the 'Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute' in Cambridge. The title of the research project was 'An investigation into the function of the nucleus accumbens in relation to impulsivity'.

I studied chemistry, biology, maths and psychology during my AS year and have continued chemistry, maths and biology up to A2 level, I have a range of skills and experiences relevant to biology-based university courses. My studies have given me skills in planning investigations; analysis; background research; laboratory skills; note taking; processing information; and field work.

The Nuffield Foundation Science Bursary gave me additional opportunities to develop skills and experience in report writing; presenting academic material to an audience; working alongside research scientists; a range of new subject specific vocabulary; and using laboratory equipment following safety guidelines (e.g. microtome). I also learnt immunocytochemical techniques which are appropriate to graduate level. I read a range of Biology articles, including those in The New Scientist magazine and recent published news reports on science related topics.

While studying for my GCSE's, I was included in the schools Gifted and Talented Programme for Exceptional Students. This programme gave me the prospect of adding to the GCSE curriculum with opportunities to explore and discuss History, Maths, Information Technology, and Science. In more recent times, I have been given the honour of being the Science Ambassador for my sixth form college. I was nominated for the 'Harry Messel International Science School', Sydney 2007. I also became a member of Mensa (the High IQ Society) in 2002.

Outside my studies, I play the piano and the violin (both to intermediate grade levels). At secondary school I was awarded various prizes and awards including 'The Passenger Cup' for services to the school community and 'The Charlesworth Prize' for effort (awarded twice). At CCSS I present my fellow students on the student council, helping in the running of the college and presenting ideas from my fellow students to the Principle and other college staff.

Throughout my GCSE studies I visited elderly people in a local residential care home as part of a community outreach project and was involved in running a local Brownie group. During my spare time I enjoy reading, computer games, going to the cinema, shopping and eating out.

I sit my A2 examinations in summer 2008 and plan to take a well earned break before starting university in autumn 2008. During my university studies, I plan to engage fully with university social life. After university I hope to work in biological research or continue my studies to postgraduate level.

Biomedical Sciences Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

Understanding how the human body works, why plants grow and what causes disease are all endlessly fascinating to me. I remember being bowled over by finding out about the structure of a cell and my studies at A level in biology and chemistry have heightened my interest even further. I know that a degree in Biomedical Sciences is what I want to do next as it will allow me to delve even deeper into the inner workings of the cell.

Looking ahead, my ambition is to be able to work in research. My practical skills are good and I have enjoyed the more involved practical work that I have had the chance to do at college. My teachers were very supportive and encouraged us to try out variations beyond our course requirements in a lunch time club. Obtaining a degree in biological sciences would firstly fulfil my need to find out more at an advanced level but I think it would also be a solid foundation for the career that I want to follow.

I have a meticulous approach to my work when it is required and planning, recording observations, writing up my results and drawing conclusions is as important to my biology and chemistry work as it is to my personal interest in cooking and baking. For my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, I chose to spend time helping out in the kitchen of a local care home and enjoyed making traditional recipes and talking with the older people there about the food they used to eat when they were children.

For the skill element of the Gold Award I expanded on my projects with the care home to produce a baking blog, which has taught me how to find my way around WordPress and has helped me to improve my writing and presentation skills. This features recipes from the people I met, some photographs of my baking efforts and some of the stories they told me. I am continuing to add to it and have now created a Facebook fan page for it and have nearly 300 likes. In contrast, I found the sports aspect of the Award quite hard – I had to commit to going swimming twice a week for a year but this has really increased my self discipline and I am glad I stuck with it.

I have chosen to apply to your university because the biomedical science course you offer provides a thorough grounding in the subject and also has the opportunity to study some of the basics of cellular and molecular biology. I feel that this is where my research interests will lie and I want to be able to find out more about the theory and practical aspects of these sub-topics.

Your institution is highly regarded for the biological sciences and I spent time going to open days and asking current students about their experiences. All were very positive and I was impressed that the tutors encourage students to discuss the research going on in the department. Being this close to the latest discoveries in biology would really inspire me.

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