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This 250-plus page novel unit has activities to introduce the novel, chapter pre-reading tasks, reading strategies handouts, comprehension questions, exit tickets, vocabulary words for each chapter, materials for teaching literary elements, vocabulary games, tests, essay questions, research topics, and more.

(Please note: You can also purchase smaller portions of this product, although the complete novel study saves you about 30% off the cost of buying the individual resources separately. Please see below for links and more info about which portions are available separately.)

For every chapter, a page for teachers includes a synopsis of the chapter and a description of the activities for the chapter, with the student materials following the teacher page. There are worksheets, foldables, organizers, games, and task card activities for students to do in addition to reading the novel. Rubrics or answer keys are provided for almost every activity.

In addition, there are word search and crossword puzzles for additional vocabulary practice. There are 6 word searches and 6 crossword puzzles, all with answer keys. Chapters 1 - 11 are divided into 3 word searches and Chapters 12 - 22 are divided into 3 word searches so they can easily be used as reviews before giving the chapter tests. The crossword puzzles are organized in the same way so they can be used for review, too.

My students and I loved this book! It makes a great companion to a social studies unit on prehistory or you can use it in an English class. It is suitable for English Language Learners at an intermediate level of proficiency and up, and other students are sure to enjoy it, too.

Take a trip back in time with this novel unit and accompany Dar on his journey of discovery! If you are teaching Dar and the Spear-Thrower, a wonderful coming-of-age story about a Cro-Magnon boy in prehistoric Europe, this resource is for you.


What you get in this product:

★ A table of contents (1 page)

★ A Notes to the Teacher page with explanatory information (1 page)

★ Cover pages for students' work, in color & black-and-white versions (2 pages)

★ 8 activities to introduce the novel plus an explanatory teacher page (9 pages)

★ Vocabulary materials (24 pages)

★ Chapter materials; every chapter includes: Teacher page, reading strategy handout, comprehension questions, answer key (4 pages each for 22 chapters, for a total of 88 pages)

★ Literary elements materials: Summary, character traits, plot, figurative language, point of view, foreshadowing, multiple-meaning words, theme (42 pages)

★ Additional activities: Haiku, timeline, ABC chart organizer (10 pages)

★ 2 tests, with answer keys: Chapters 1-11 and Chapters 12-22 (13 pages)

★ Writing assignments, with rubrics: 3 Twitter tasks, 3 essay questions, 4 research topics (15 pages)

★ Pre-reading questions in task card size format (13 pages)

★ Exit tickets in task card size format (12 pages)

★ 12 word search & crossword puzzles, with answer keys and cover page (25 pages)

★ Other pages: A "Read Me First" page listing all the files in this product, a list of the ELA Common Core standards addressed, a page about the Afterword in the novel, a cover page for the post-reading activities, a page listing materials added after mid-September 2016 (5 pages)


If you prefer, you can purchase smaller portions of this product instead but you save about 30% when you buy this complete novel study; the other resources are available here:

★ Dar and the Spear-Thrower Introduction and Extension Activities

★ Dar and the Spear-Thrower Reading Activities

★ Dar and the Spear-Thrower Vocabulary Activities

★ Dar and the Spear-Thrower Literary Elements

★ Dar and the Spear-Thrower Short Writing Tasks

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Эта машина помогла предотвратить десятки преступлений, но связанная с ней информация строго засекречена и никогда не будет раскрыта. Причина такой секретности проста: правительство не может допустить массовой истерии.

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