Save Energy Save Environment Essay

Why is it important to save energy? 
If people use less energy, there is less pressure to increase the available supply of energy, for example by constructing new power plants, or by importing energy from a different country.
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What does “life-cycle” mean? What does it have to do with energy use?
Nearly all everyday products have an impact in terms of energy, especially when you consider their energy requirements across the whole life-cycle: production, use and end-of-life. In many cases the use phase is dominating. Plastics, for example, are one of the most resource-efficient materials available. In their use phase, plastics products help to save more energy than is needed to produce them: For example, when you choose a bottle of water packaged in a light weight material such as plastic, remember that lighter packaging requires less energy for transport. Thus, less fuel was used to power the truck that delivered those plastic bottles.

What can I do to save energy? 
There are many sources on the web that give you ideas of what you can do to save energy. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Change your travel behaviour, think more in terms of public transportation, if possible, walk or ride your bicycle instead of taking the car
  • Reduce your house heat by 1C, keep the windows closed while heating, dress warmly
  • Choose products that come with lightweight packaging
  • Turn off lights and appliances when you are not using them, use energy-saving light bulbs
  • Reuse plastic bags for shopping and storage
  • Use a microwave instead of a stove to reheat food
  • Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries

What effect do materials have on the environment? 
In our daily life, we rely on many materials. Wood, metal, glass and plastics all have environmental consequences. Think about the impact of every product you use. For example, the lighter an object, the less fuel is required to transport it. A heavy suitcase in the boot of a car will require the car to consume more fuel during its journey. The same goes for all product packaging. Therefore, buying food wrapped in lightweight materials thus helps the environment.

Essay on Proposal to Save the Environment

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Proposal to Save the Environment

Ever since Ford put out the first main line production car, there has been a market for gasoline. Since then, the automobile has made a humongous impact on the United States, as well as the entire world. This new invention allowed the average citizen to commute to work without the hassle of mass transit and horses. However, with this new supply of automobiles came the demand for the fuel they required to run. It was not known back then that the consumption of these fuels could actually hurt the environment, or even run dry. Today it is commonly known that these fuels aren’t unlimited, or good for the environment. Action must be taken to reduce and eventually eliminate these threats to human…show more content…

(#2) There are many reasons why humanity should consider hydrogen cells:

1. They have a cleaner non-combustion operation. Hydrogen cells only release 45% the CO2 emissions of coal and 47% the CO2 emissions from producing energy fossil fuels. (#2)

2. The fuel cells have higher efficiencies, from 50% to 65%. Normal combustion engines have an efficiency of 12% to 15%. (#2)

3. Fuel cells are a reliable source of power. They have a 99.9999% reliability rating. (#2)

Comparing these statistics to the normal combustion engines it is easy to see why fuel cells would help reduce pollution. Also, fuel cells would provide reliable power that could be supplied to so many power using technologies. There is unfortunately one major draw back to the use of fuel cells, cost. Fuel cells are currently very expensive. However, with research there can be a way to mass produce these cells, which would decrease price and increase amount.

While hydrogen fuel cells rely more on technology to be created, there are other forms of energy that occur more naturally. One such form is geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is renewable heat energy from deep within the earth. Heat is brought to the near surface of the earth and intruded into the earth’s crust of molten magma. (#2) Geothermal

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