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MUMBAI: It’s that time of the year again when romances bloom to a different beat, when ‘personal’ touch makes all the difference and when the loved ones come together. And, on that note, Nestlé Alpino is all set to celebrate love with popular rom-com writer Anuja Chauhan for an exciting Valentine’s Day activity titled Alpino Love Notes with Anuja Chauhan.

Positioned as ‘Love’s Little Helper’, in this unique campaign, Alpino will help lovers to say it just right and add the magic of expressing personal emotions, as writer Anuja will carefully craft “Love Notes”. These notes will be wrapped around special packs of Nestlé Alpino and will also be available online for people to share. The campaign will be launched on Facebook with the release of a short digital video featuring Anuja Chauhan along with a compilation of all these special Love Notes. Later, ‘Love Notes’ will be launched online in the form of an e-book.

Commenting on the activity, Nestlé India GM chocolate & confectionery Nikhil Chand says, “As a brand, Alpino has always lived up to its message of 'To love is to share', personalising this at every consumer touch point. This Valentine’s Day, Alpino expresses many dimensions of love in a personal way . The tie-up with Anuja Chauhan with specially written love notes for Valentine’s day is a category first.”

The on-ground leg to the activation brings to life the joy of expression through personalized calligraphic cards being printed in stores with a personalized message of love. This will be given with every pack of Alpino. This promotional activity is driving engagement in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore by partnering with the More retail chain.

In 2016 Dimagi was awarded an innovation grant from the Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF) in Tanzania. Building on the success of mLabour in India, Dimagi will leverage the HDIF grant to adapt mLabour to the Tanzanian context and build upon its impact through two tracks: Adaption & Validation and Diffusion.

Adaptation & Validation: Dimagi, in partnership with FHI 360 and other local research partners, will conduct focused user-centered design activities and engage a wide range of stakeholders to understand the requirements for scaling mLabour throughout Tanzania. During the first year of the project, Dimagi will conduct an initial 3-month study to validate the safety, usability, and suitability of mLabour. In the second year, additional studies will be conducted to assess how quality of care is impacted through the use of mLabour.

Diffusion: Through the Diffusion Track, Dimagi aims to deploy mLabour to five organizations in Tanzania, spanning both the private and public sector. Diffusion activities will include capacity building of two Tanzanian technical organizations to support mLabour, engagement with a range of private and public providers, and engagement with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

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