La Orden Del Temple Raymond Khoury Bibliography

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Author Lastname Author Firstname
100 Years of Freemasonry Forbestown Lodge #50 1854-1954
100 Years of Freemasonry in Fall City d Opstad Edwin A. PM
1001 Questions & Answers of Interest To Masons Peterson, PM William O.
Abstract of Proceedings Supreme Council 1976
Albert Pike, The Man Beyond the Monument Tresner II James T.
Albert Pike, The Man Beyond The Monument Tresner II James T.
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American Freemason 1914 Vol 5 #11 September
American Freemason 1914 Vol 5 #12 October
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American Freemason 1914 Vol 5 #8 June
American Freemason 1914 Vol 5 #9 July
American Freemason 1914 Vol 6 #1 November
American Freemason 1914 Vol 6 #2 December
American Freemason 1915 Vol 6 #10 August
American Freemason 1915 Vol 6 #11September
American Freemason 1915 Vol 6 #12 October
American Freemason 1915 Vol 6 #3 January
American Freemason 1915 Vol 6 #4 February
American Freemason 1915 Vol 6 #5 March
American Freemason 1915 Vol 6 #7May
American Freemason 1915 Vol 6 #8 June
American Freemason 1915 Vol 6 #9 July
American Freemason 1915 Vol 7 #1 November
American Freemason 1915 Vol 7 #2 December
American Freemason 1916 Vol 7 # 10August
American Freemason 1916 Vol 7 # 11 September
American Freemason 1916 Vol 7 # 6 April
American Freemason 1916 Vol 7 # 8 June
American Freemason 1916 Vol 7 # 9 July
American Freemason 1916 Vol 7 #12 October
American Freemason 1916 Vol 7 #3 January
American Freemason 1916 Vol 7 #4 February
American Freemason 1916 Vol 7 #5 March
American Freemason 1916 Vol 7 #7 May
American Freemason 1916 Vol 8 # 1 November
American Freemason Vol 8
American Freemason Vol 8 April 1917
American Freemason Vol 8 December - January 1917
American Freemason Vol 8 February 1917
American Freemason Vol 8 June-July 1917
American Freemason Vol 8 March 1917
American Freemason Vol 8 May 1917
American Freemason Vol 9 April 1918
American Freemason Vol 9 August - September 1918
American Freemason Vol 9 December 1918
American Freemason Vol 9 February 1918
American Freemason Vol 9 June -July 1918
American Freemason Vol 9 March 1918
American Freemason Vol 9 May 1918
American Freemason Vol 9 October 1918
American Freemasons Tabbert Mark A.
Anchor of Liberty Kleinknecht C. Fred
Ancient & Early Medieval Historical Characters In Freemasonry Van Gorden John H.
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry 1927
Ancient Craft, The Part 3 Taylor Joseph M.
Ancient York Rite of FM As Worked In America Brown Vilas Jay
Anderson's Constitution of 1723 Vibert Lionel
Annals Vol IX Part Six 1995
Annals of Grand Council Of Masonic Degrees Vol IX Part 1 1990 Grand Council
Annals of Grand Council Of Masonic Degrees Vol IX Part 11 2000 Grand Council
Annals of Grand Council Of Masonic Degrees Vol VII Part 10 Grand Council
Annals of Grand Council Of Masonic Degrees Vol VII Part 12 Grand Council
Annals of Grand Council Of Masonic Degrees Vol X 2002
Annals of Grand Council Of Masonic Degrees Vol X Part 1 2001
Anthology of World Poetry, An Van Doren Mark
Ask Me Brother 1001 Questions for Masons Merz Charles H.
At The Sound of the Gavel Masonic Serv Assn
Autobiography of Rudolph Jordan Jordan Rudolph
AVE, THE Revitalization Program of the University District
Beginnings of Freemasonry in America, The Johnson WM Melvin Maynard
Bible and King Solomon's Temple In Masonry, The d Ketchner John Wesley
Bible For Today and Everyday Selections from Old & New Testaments
Bible Stories From the Zodiac Taylor C. Tousey
Bible, The Albert Pike's Morals & Dogma Hutchens 33o Rex R.
Bibliography of the Collection of the GL Library
Bill of Rights & Beyond, The Bi-Centennial Calendar
Black Square & Compass 200 Years of Prince Hall Freemasonry Walkes Joseph A. Jr.
Blue Lodge Roster, State of Hawaii 1978
Book of Constitutions Virginia Text Book
Book of the Dead, The Vol II Budge E.A.Wallis
Book of the Words Sephir H'Debarim Pike Albert
Book of the Words, The Sephir H'Debarim Hall Manly P.
Bridge To Light, A Hutchens 33o Rex R.
Builder, The Journal for the Masonic Student October 1918
By-laws of Arcana Lodge # 87 dd
By-laws of Lodge Hiogo & Osaka #498s.c. Kobe, Japan
By-laws of Lodge le Progres de l'Oceanie #371 Honolulu 1898
Centennium 1853-1953 Grand Lodge of AF&AM of Minnesota
Clausen's Commentaries On Morals & Dogma Clausen 33o Henry C.
Clausen's Commentaries On Morals & Dogma 1974 Clausen 33o Henry C.
Clausens' Commentaries On Morals & Dogma Clausen Henry C.
Collection of Great Ideas Worth Repeating Jones Alden H. WM
Collection of Great Ideas Worth Repeating Jones GM Alden H.
Colonial Freemasonry Comm on Masonic Info Illinois Knutz William H.
Comprehensive Dictionary of Freemasonry d Bela Ernest
Comprehensive View of Freemasonry, A Wilson Henry
Concise History of Freemasonry, A Gould Robert Freke
Confessions of a Master Mason Whaley Charles F.
Constitution & Bylaws of MW G Lodge of WA 1888
Constitution & Bylaws of MW G Lodge of WA 1911
Constitution and By-laws of Grand Chapter RAM of WA 1945
Constitution of Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of USA 1887
Constitution of Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of USA 1941
Cornerstone, The Breckenridge Sidney A.
Craft & Its Symbols, The Roberts Allen E.
Das Brauchtum Der Freimaaurer Horbeffer August
DeMolay Handbook
Digest of Approved Decisions, G.M.of Grd Enc Kn Tem1816-1976 Lightfoot Jewel P. PGC
Dionysian Artificers,The Hall Manly P.
Divine Harmony The Life & Teachings of Pythagoras Strohmeir John
Drill Regulations of Knights Templar 1925
Drill Regulations of Knights Templar 1969 d
Dynamic Freedoms Vol I Watts Robert B.
Dynamic Freedoms Vol II Watts Robert B.
Dynamic Freedoms Vol III d Watts Robert B.
Dynamic Freedoms Vol IV d Watts Robert B.
Eleven Gentlemen of Charlston Harris Ray Baker
Emergence of the Mystical 1981 Clausen 33o Henry C.
Encyclopedia of Cryptic Masonry, An 1950 Denslow Ray V.
Encyclopedia of Freemasonry Mackey Albert G.
Encyclopedia of Freemasonry A - L Mackey Albert G.
Encyclopedia of Freemasonry M - Z Mackey Albert G.
Encylcopaedia Britannica Vol Vol XXIII T-Ups
Encylcopaedia Britannica Vol XXI Rot - Sia
Encylcopaedia Britannica Vol XXII Sib - Szo
Entered Apprentice Degree
Ex Oriente Lux Henry Alfred H.
Facts About George Washington As A Freemason, The Tatsch Maj. J. Hugo
Facts About the Building of the Temple of Solomon pb Johnson J. David
Facts For Freemasons Voorhis 33o Harold V.B.
Fellowship Degree dd
Foreign Countries Claudy Carl H.
Forgotten Women in Convents Conroy Helen
Forward Freemasonry History of FM in Wisconsin
Four Old Lodges, The Founders of Modern Masonry Gould Robert Freke
Fraternal Reviews GL 1965 Winkels Fred PGM
Fraternal Reviews GL 1966 Winkels Fred PGM
Fraternal Reviews GL 1967 Winkels Fred PGM
Fraternal Reviews GL 1969 Winkels Fred PGM
Fraternal Reviews GL 1970 Winkels Fred PGM
Fraternal Reviews GL 1971 Winkels Fred PGM
Fraternal Reviews GL 1973 Winkels Fred PGM
Fraternal Reviews GL 1974 Winkels Fred PGM
Fraternal Reviews GL 1975 Winkels Fred PGM
Fraternal Reviews GL 1976 Winkels Fred PGM
Fraternal Reviews GL 1977 Winkels Fred PGM
Fraternal Reviews GL 1979 Winkels Fred PGM
Fraternal Reviews GL 1980 Winkels Fred PGM
Fraternal Reviews GL 1981 Winkels Fred PGM
Freedom of Thought & The Public Schools G.L Montana
Freemason's Guide & Compendium Jones Bernard E.
Freemasonry & Catholicism The Rosicrucian Fellowship Heindel Max
Freemasonry & Democracy: Its Evolution In North America Roberts Allen E.
Freemasonry & Its Ancient Mystic Rites d Leadbetter C.W.
Freemasonry & Its Etiquette dddd Campbell-Everden Wm. Preston
Freemasonry and Catholicism Heindel Max
Freemasonry and Roman Catholicism Haywood H.L.
Freemasonry At The Top Beaumont John E. PM
Freemasonry For Wives & Others Henderson Kent
Freemasonry in America Prior to 1750 Johnson WM Melvin Maynard
Freemasonry In the 13 Colonies Tatsch J. Hugo
Freemasonry, A Celebration of the Craft Hamill John
Freemasonry, A Journey Through Ritual & Symbol MacNulty W. Kirk
Freemasons, The A History of the Worlds Most Powerful Secret Society Ridley Jasper
Freemasons, The d Ridley Jasper
Freemasons, The Illus Book of An Ancient Brotherhood Johnstone Michael
Funeral Services Grand Lodge of Wash. 1957
Gems From the Quarry Vol 2 Brownell John H.
Gems From the Quarry Vol 3 Brownell John H.
General History, Cyclopedia & Dictionary of Freemasonry 1890 McCoy Robert
George Washington In New York Boudreau Alexander
Gleanings With the Craft in Iowa Case
Gould's History of Freemasonry Vol I Gould Robert F.
Gould's History of Freemasonry Vol III Gould Robert F.
Gould's History of Freemasonry Vol V Gould Robert F.
Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons & Gnd Cncil Royal & Select Msters Iowa 2000
Grand Commandry of WA 1906-1910 Vol IV
Grand Commandry of WA 1911-1914 Vol V
Grand Commandry of WA 1915-1918 Vol VI
Grand Commandry of WA 1919-1922 Vol VII
Grand Commandry of WA 1887-1894 Vol I Virginia G.L.
Grand Commandry of WA 1887-1894 Vol I
Grand Commandry of WA 1895-1900 Vol II
Grand Commandry of WA 1901-1905 Vol III
Grand Commandry of WA 1985-1986
Grand Commandry of WA 1994
Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Delaware 2000
Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Oregon 2003
Grand Council Records of Connecticut 2003
Grand Council Royal & Select Masters WA 1941-42-43 Grand Council
Grand Lodge of B.C. 1975
Grand Master's Message & Reports 1991 F& AM Alaska
Grand York Rite Bodies of Arkansas 2000
Grand York Rite of Nebraska 2001
Great Seal of the U.S., It's Heritage etc. Case Paul Foster
Handbook for Royal Arch Masons Denslow Ray V.
Heredon, Transactions of the Scottish Rite Research Society Vols. 3-10 Morris 33o S. Brent
Hiram Key, The Pharohs, Freemasons & Discovery of Secret Scrolls of Jesus Knight Christopher
History of Activities of 36th Triennial Comm Knights Templar Seattle 1925 Custer George
History of Franklin Lodge #5 F&AM, Port Gamble, WA Gervais Leon A.
History of Freemasonry & Concordant Orders d Stillson Henry Leonard
History of freemasonry & Masonic Digest Vol II Mitchell, MD J.W.S.
History of Freemasonry Illustrated Vol 1 dddd Mackey Albert G.
History of Freemasonry Illustrated Vol 2 dddddd Mackey Albert G.
History of Freemasonry Illustrated Vol 3 dd Mackey Albert G.
History of Freemasonry Illustrated Vol 4 d Mackey Albert G.
History of Freemasonry Illustrated Vol 5 d Mackey Albert G.
History of Freemasonry Illustrated Vol 6 d Mackey Albert G.
History of Freemasonry Illustrated Vol 7 d Mackey Albert G.
History of Freemasonry Vol II d Gould Robert Freke
History of Freemasonry Vol IV d Gould Robert Freke
History of Royal Arch Masonry Vol I Turnbull Everett R.
History of Royal Arch Masonry Vol II Turnbull Everett R.
History of St. John's Lodge #9 F& AM ddd Wheeler PM Laban H.
History of the Lodge of Edinburgh Lyon D. Murry
Holy Bible Self-pronouncing edition
Holy Bible School and Reference Edition
Holy Bible School and Reference Edition Arcana Lodge copy
Holy Bible, Masonic Edition
Hour of American History, An Morison Samuel Eliot
Hymns for Creative Living
Hymns of Praise
I Sat In Lodge With You Nesbit Wilbur
Idaho Monitor 1938
Idaho Monitor 1964
Illustrated History of Freemasonry, The 1901 Redding Moses
Illustrated History of Freemasonry, The 1907 Redding Moses
Illustrations of Masonry Preston William
Indiana Monitor 1951

Aames, AveryAlexander, DavidArd, William
Aarons, Edward S.Alexander, TashaArden, William
Aarons, Will B.Alexander, VanessaArdai, Charles
Abbey, KieranAllan, Barbara Arlidge, M.J.
Abbott, Allyson K.Allan, Dennis
Abbot, AnthonyAllbeury, TedArlington, Lucy
Abbott, JeffAllegretto, MichaelArmour, R.C.
Abbott, RachelArmstrong, Adam
Abbott, VictoriaAllen, ConradArmstrong, Campbell
Abel, JamesAllen, ConradArmstrong, Campbell
Abel, KennethAllen, GarrisonArmstrong, Charlotte
Abercrombie, LynnAllen, JackArmstrong, David
Ablow, KeithAllen, MichaelArmstrong, Kelley
Abrahams, PeterAllingham, MargeryArncliffe, Andrew
Abresch, PeterAllyn, DougArnold, Margot
Acheson, EdwardAlmeida, Sarah D'Arruda, Suzanne
Acre, StephenAlt, MadelynArthur, Frank
Adair, GilbertAltman, ThomasArthur, William
Adam, PaulAlvtegen, KarinArvin, Reed
Adams, Cleve F.Amato, Barbara D'Ascott, John
Adams, CliftonAmbler, EricAsh, Maureen 
Adams, DeborahAmes, DelanoAshdown, Clifford
Adams, Ellery Amo, GaryAshe, Gordon
Adams, Eustace L.Amos, BethAshe, Mary Anne
Adams, HaroldAnders, DonnaAsher, Harry
Adams, HerbertAnderson, J.R.L.Ashford, Jeffrey
Adams, Jane (Jane A. Adams)Anderson, JamesAshton, David
Adams, MaxAnderson, RexAtherton, Nancy
Adams, RileyAndreissen, DavidAtkins, Ace
Adamson, LydiaAndrews, ColinAtkins, Leo
Adamson, Mary JoAndrews, Donna Atkinson, Kate
Addison, MargaretAndrews, Mary KayAtwell, Sarah
Adler-Olsen, JussiAndrews, RobertAubert, Brigitte
Aird, CatherineAndrews, RussellAubert, Rosemary
Airth, RennieAndrews, ValAudemars, Pierre
Akunin, BorisAugust, David
Alais, E.W.Andrews, V.C.Ault, Sandi
Alan, IsabellaAnthony, DavidAvery, Morgan
Albert, Marvin H.Anthony, EvelynAxler, Leo
Albert, NeilApodaca, JenniferAxton, David
Albert, Susan WittigApostolou, AnnaAycliffe, Jonathan
Alden, LauraAppignanesi, LisaAyres, Noreen
Alding, PeterArcher, ConnieAyres, Paul
Aleas, RichardArcher, Geoffrey
Alexander, BruceArcher, Jeffrey


Babson, MarianBentley, E.C.Box, Edgar
Bentley, JennieBoyd, Damien
Bachman, RichardBerckman, EvelynBoyd, Frank
Badenoch, AndreaBerenson, AlexBoyer, Rick
Bagby, GeorgeBerenson, LaurienBoylan, Eleanor
Bagley, DesmondBerkeley, AnthonyBrace, Robert
Bailey, H.C.Bernard, JayBradby, Tom
Bain, DonaldBernhardt, WilliamBraddon, M.E.
Baird, JohnBradford, Laura
Baker, AsaBerry, CaroleBradford, Michael
Baker, DebBerry, SteveBradley, Alan 
Baker, IvonBertrand, J. MarkBrady, Jacklyn
Baker, JohnBest, DavidBrady, John
Baker, Malcolm John Bidston, LesterBramah, Ernest
Baker, MartinBiehl, MichaelBranch, Pamela
Baker, TaceBiggers, Earl DerrBrand, Christianna
Baker, W. HowardBillingham, MarkBrandman, Michael 
Baldacci, DavidBingham, JohnBrandon, Ali
Baldwin, AlexBrandon, Jay 
Bale, Tom Birkegaard, MikkelBrandon, John G.
Ball, JohnBirkley, DolanBrandreth, Gyles
Ballantyne, JimBirmingham, MaisieBraun, Lilian Jackson
Ballard, K.G.
Ballard, Mignon F.Birmingham, RuthBrean, Herbert J.
Ballinger, W.A.Birtcher, Baron R.Brearley, John
Banks, CarlaBishop, ClaudiaBrenchley, Chaz
Banks, CarolynBissell, SallieBrennan, Allison 
Banks, T.F.Black, BenjaminBrent, Madeleine
Bannerman, DavidBlack, CampbellBrett, Simon
Bannister, JoBlack, CaraBridges, T.C.
Barclay, LinwoodBlack, EthanBridgman, Geraldine
Barlay, BennettBlack, IngridBright, Elizabeth
Barnao, JackBlack, LadbrokeBrightwell, Emily
Barnard, RobertBlack, LauraBrill, Toni
Barnes, LindaBlack, MalachiBrisbane, Coutts
Baron, AdamBlack, MansellBritton, Andrew
Barone, MikeBlack, TonyBrock, Lynn
Barr, NevadaBlack, VeronicaBrock, Rose
Barr, RobertBlackburn, JohnBrodrick, William
Barre, Harriet LaBlackhurst, JennyBrody, Frances
Barre, RichardBlackwell, JulietBrome, Vincent
Barrett, DeanBlair, AllanBrookmyre, Christopher
Barrett, Kathleen AnneBlaisdell, AnneBrooks, Edwy Searles
Barrett, LornaBlake, DanielBrooks, Laura Frances
Barrett, Robert G.Blake, HeatherBrooks, Leonard Harold
Barrick, EllaBlake, MargaretBrown, Carter
Barrington, JamesBrown, Dan
Barron, StephanieBlake, MichelleBrown, Eric
Barry, CharlesBlake, NicholasBrown, Fredric
Bartlett, E.G.Blake, NickBrown, George
Bartlett, Lorraine (L.L. Bartlett)Blake, PatrickBrown, Hosanna
Barton, Anne Blake, RobinBrown, Lizbie
Barton, BeverlyBlake, StaceyBrown, Rita Mae 
Bartram, GeorgeBlake, VictoriaBrown, Sandra
Barwick, JamesBlakesley, StephenBrowne, Barum
Bass, JeffersonBleeck, OliverBrowne, Douglas G.
Bass, Milton R.Blincoe, NicholasBrowne, Gerald A.
Bastable, BernardBliss, MirandaBrowne, Marshall
Batchelor, DenzilBlock, BarbaraBruce, Alison
Bateman, ColinBlock, LawrenceBruce, Leo
Bates, QuentinBlood, MatthewBruen, Ken
Battison, BrianBlunt, GilesBryndza, Robert
Bauer, BelindaBobin, John WilliamBuchan, John
Bax, RogerBoland, ShaliniBuchanan, Edna
Baxt, GeorgeBolitho, JanieBuchanan, Patrick
Baxter, Cynthia Bolton, Sharon (S.J. Bolton)Buckley, Fiona
Buckley, Julia
Bayer, WilliamBond, LarryBuckley, William F.
Bude, John
Budewitz, Leslie
Bayfield, William J.Bond, MichaelBuggé, Carole
Beaton, M.C. Bonett, EmeryBurcell, Robin
Beaufort, SimonBonett, JohnBurdett, John
Beck, JessicaBonett, John and EmeryBurdette, Lucy
Beck, K.K.Bonfiglioli, KyrilBurke, Alafair 
Becker, James Bonnot, Xavier-MarieBurke, James Lee
Beckett, Simon Booth, Christopher B.Burke, Jan
Beech, WebbBooth, StephenBurke, Noel
Beechey, AlanBorthwick, J.S.Burke, Richard (UK)
Beeding, FrancisBorton, D.B. (Della Borton)Burke, Richard (US)
Behm, MarcBoston, Charles K.Burley, W.J.
Belbin, DavidBoucher, AnthonyBurnett, W.R.
Bell, JosephineBourbon Ramirez, MelissaBurton, Anne
Belle, JosieBourdain, AnthonyBurton, Miles
Bell, NancyBourne, PeterBusby, Roger
Bell, PaulineBouton, MarkBush, Christopher
Bell, TedBowen, GailBush, Nancy
Bellairs, GeorgeBowen, PeterButler, Gwendoline
Benison, C.C.Bowen, Rhys Butler, Richard
Bennett, JennaBowers, DorothyButler, William Vivian
Bennett, MargotBowker, DavidByerrum, Ellen
Benson, BenBowman, GeraldByrnes, Michael
Benson, Erick G.Box, C.J.Byrom, James


Cabot, SamChazin, SuzanneConroy, Albert
Cahoon, LynnChesbro, George C.Constantine, K.C.
Cail, CarolChester, GilbertConway, Hugh
Cain, ChelseaChester, PeterConway, Simon
Cain, James M.Chesterton, G.K.Conwell, Kent
Cain, PaulChesterton, R.B.Cook, Bruce
Caine, GeoffreyCheyney, PeterCook, Glen
Caine, Hamilton T.Child, Charles B.Cook, J.J.
Caine, LeslieChild, LeeCook, Judith
Caird, JanetChild, Lincoln Cook, Robin (US)
Calder, JamesChilds, LauraCook, Robin (UK)
Callas, TheoChipperfield, Robert OrrCook, Thomas H.
Callison, BrianChisholm P.F.Cooke, M.E.
Calloway, KateChittenden, MargaretCookman, Lesley
Calvin, HenryChristie, AgathaCoonts, Stephen
Cameron, JohnChristie, StephenCooper, Amanda
Cameron, KennethChristie, StevenCooper, Brian
Cameron, LindyChristopher, PaulCooper, Glenn
Camilleri, AndreaChurch, JamesCooper, Natasha (N.J. Cooper)
Campbell, JeffreyChurchill, JillCooper, Susan Rogers
Campbell, RobertClaire, Edie Copp, Rick
Campbell, R.T.Clancy, TomCopper, Basil
Canadeo, AnneClandon, HenriettaCopperman, E.J. 
Cannan, JoannaClare, AlysCoram, Christopher
Cannell, DorothyClarins, DanaCorbin, Julie
Cannell, Stephen J.Clark, Carol HigginsCorby, Gary
Canning, VictorClark, Cassandra Corcoran, Tom
Cannon, CurtClark, CurtCordy, Michael
Cannon, JackClark, DouglasCores, Lucy 
Cannon, TaffyClark, EricCorley, Edwin
Cargill, LeslieClark, Mary Higgins Corley, Elizabeth
Carl, JoAnnaClarkson, HelenCornwell, Bernard
Carlisle, Kate Clason, Clyde B.Cornwell, Patricia
Carlson, AlyseClausen, LowenCorris, Peter
Carlson, P.M.Clay, MaryCory, Desmond
Claymore, TodCosin, Elizabeth M.
Carlton, LewisCleary, JonCotler, Gordon
Carmichael, HarryCleeve, BrianCotterill, Colin
Carnac, CarolCleeves, AnnCoughlin, William J.
Carofiglio, GianricoCleland, Jane K.Coulter, Catherine
Carol, James (J.S. Carol) Clemeau, CarolCourtier, S.H.
Carr, CalebClement, Blaize
Carr, CameronClement, John
Carr, GlynClement, PeterCoward, Mat
Carr, John DicksonClements, RoryCox, A.B.
Carré, John leCleri, MarioCoxe, George Harmon
Carrell, J.L. (Jennifer Lee Carrell)Clevely, Hugh
Carrington, RuthCleverly, Barbara Coyle, Cleo
Carter, CharlotteClifford, FrancisCraft, Michael
Carter, ChrisClinton, F.G.Craig, Alisa
Carter, M.J.Clinton-Baddeley, V.C.Craig, Bill
Carter, PaulaClynes, MichaelCraig, David
Carter, SammiCobb, BeltonCraig, Elizabeth Spann
Cartmel, Andrew Cobb, L.B.
Carver, TaniaCoben, Harlan
Carvic, HeronCocco & MagellaCraig, Philip R.
Casey, Elizabeth LynnCockey, TimCrais, Robert
Casey, JaneCoco, NancyCrane, Alex
Cass, LaurieCody, LizaCrane, Frances
Cassells, JohnCoe, JonathanCrane, Hamilton
Cassidy, AnneCoe, TuckerCrawford, Isis
Castillo, LindaCoel, MargaretCray, David
Castle, Anna Coffey, BrianCreasey, John
Castle, JayneCoffin, GeoffreyCreed, Adam
Catanach, J.N.Coffin, PeterCrespi, Camilla T.
Cates, BaileyCoffyn, CorneliusCrichton, Michael
Cattrell, Bailey Coggin, Joan
Caudwell, SarahCohen, Anthea
Caunitz, William J.Cohen, JanetCrider, Bill
Cavender, ChrisCohen, JeffreyCrispin, Edmund
Cecil, HenryCohen, Octavus RoyCrofts, Freeman Wills
Ceder, CamillaColby, LydiaCrombie, Deborah
Chaber, M.E.Cole, Daniel Crosby, John
Challis, MaryCole, G.D.H. and MargaretCross, Amanda
Challis, SimonCole, MartinaCross, David
Chambers, PeterColes, ManningCrossen, Kendell Foster
Chambers, PhilipColley, Barbara
Chance, RebeccaCollins, HuntCrow, Michael
Chandler, GlennCollins, KateCrowe, John
Chandler, RaymondCollins, Max AllanCrowe, Logan
Chanslor, Torrey
Chaplin, ElizabethCollins, MichaelCrumley, James
Chapman, SallyCollins, TessCulhane, Patrick
Chappell, HelenCollins, WilkieCullingford, Guy
Charbonneau, JoelleColton, JamesCulver, Timothy J.
Charles, FranklinCompton, JodiCumberland, Marten
Charles, HamptonConant, SusanCumming, Charles
Charles, KateCondon, RichardCunningham, A.B.
Charles, PaulConnelly, MichaelCunningham, E.V.
Charles, RobertConnington, J.J.Curtis, Jack
Charles, WillConnolly, JohnCurtis, Peter
Charteris, LeslieConnolly, Sheila Curtiss, Ursula
Chase, AdamConnor, JohnCurzon, Clare
Chase, ErikaConnors, Rose
Chase, James HadleyConrad, BrendaCurzon, Colin
Chastain, ThomasConrad, TodCussler, Clive 
Chattam, MaximConroy, AlCutler, Judith


Daemer, WillDeane, NormanDonaldson, D.J.
Daheim, MaryDonally, Claire
Dahl, ArneDearl, ElizabethDonoghue, P.S.
Dahl, Kjell OlaDeaver, JefferyDonohue, John
Dain, CatherineDebrett, HalDonovan, Dick
Dale, CarolynDeere, DiceyDoody, Margaret
Dale, CeliaDeGrave, PhilipDorsey, Tim
Dale, EstilDeighton, LenDoss, James D.
Daley, Kathi Dekker, CarlDouglas, Arthur
Dallas, JohnDelalande, ArnaudDouglas, Carole Nelson
Dalton, JamesDelaney, Luke Douglas, John
Dalton, MorayDouglas-Home, Mark
Daly, ConorDelany, VickiDownie, R.S. (Ruth Downie)
DeMille, NelsonDowning, David
Daly, ElizabethDent, LesterDoyle, Arthur Conan
Dams, Jeanne M.Dentinger, JaneDrake, Alison
Dana, FreemanDePoy, PhillipDresden, Thomas
Dana, RoseDereske, JoDronfield, Jeremy
Dane, ClemenceDerleth, AugustDrummond, Ivor
Daniel, GlynDerouin, R.E.Drummond, Jack
Daniels, CaseyDespard, NoelDryden, Alex
Daniels, JanDeutermann, P.T.Dublin, D.H.
Daniels, PhilipDevane, TerryDu Brul, Jack
Danks, DeniseDeverell, WilliamDudley, Ernest
Dare, LilaDevine, D.M.Duffy, Stella
Dugan, Jack
Darion, R.F.Dexter, ColinDugan, John Kevin
Davidson, Diane MottDiamond, DianaDuke, Will
Davidson, LionelDiamond, Katerina Dukthas, Ann
Davies, David StuartDibdin, MichaelDunant, Peter
Davies, LindaDickinson, DavidDunant, Sarah
Davis, Carol AnneDickinson, PeterDunbar, Sophie
Davis, Dorothy SalisburyDickson, CarterDuncan, Robert L.
Davis, Frederick C. Diehl, Lesley A.Duncan, Sharon
Davis, GordonDietrich, RobertDuncan, W. Murdoch
Davis, KristaDine, S.S. VanDunford, Caroline
Davis, LindseyDisher, Garry Dunlap, Susan
Davis, MildredDiSilverio, LauraDunn, Carola
Davis, NorbertDisney, Doris MilesDunne, Dominick
Davis, Patrick A.Ditton, JamesDunnett, Dorothy
Davis, Robert HartDobbs, LeighannDunnett, Kaitlyn 
Davis, ValDobbs, MichaelDunning, John
Dawes Green, GeorgeDobson, JoanneDuns, Jeremy
Day, DianneDocherty, James L.Durbridge, Francis
Day, MaddieDodge, DavidDurham, Laura
Day, MareleDoetsch, RichardDurrant, Helen H. 
Dean, AnnaDoherty, PaulDwyer, Deanna
Dean, ElizabethDold, GaylordDwyer, K.R.
DeAndrea, William L.Dominic, R.B.Dymmoch, Michael Allen


Early, JackElkins, AaronErskine, Margaret
East, MichaelEllin, StanleyEstep, Maggie
Easterman, DanielEllington, RichardEstill, Katie
Eastland, SamElliot, JasonEstleman, Loren D.
Eberhart, Mignon G.Elliot, Kendra Evanovich, Janet 
Eccles, MarjorieEllis, DavidEvans, Christy
Ellis, JoyEvans, David 
Eddy, PaulEllis, KateEvans, Jimmy Ruth
Edgar, AlfredEllis, RobertEvans, Jonathan
Edric, Robert Ellison, J.T.Evans, Geraldine
Edwards, MartinEllory, R.J.Evans, Liz
Edwards, Ruth DudleyEllroy, JamesEverson, David
Edwardson, ÅkeEly, RonEwan, Chris
Egan, Kevin (K.J. Egan)Emerson, Earl
Egan, LesleyEmerson, Kathy LynnEyre, Elizabeth
Egeland, TomEmmons, Phillip
Egleton, CliveEngel, Howard
Eglin, AnthonyEnger, Thomas
Eichler, SelmaEphron, Hallie (G.H. Ephron)
Eisler, BarryEricson, Walter
Elder, EvelynEriksson, Kjell


Fagen, LaurieFlanders, Judith 
Fagyas, M.Flannery, SeanFox, Jimmy
Fair, A.A.Fleming, IanFox, Kathryn
Fairbanks, NancyFleming, IreneFox, Zachary Alan
Fairbairn, RogerFleming, JoanFoxx, Jack
Fairlie, GerardFletcher, J.S.Francis, Clare
Fairstein, LindaFlower, Amanda Francis, Dick
Falconer, DuncanFlower, PatFrancis, Felix
Falkirk, RichardFloyd, BillFrancome, John
Fallon, MartinFluke, JoanneFranklin, Ariana
Fargus, F.J.Flynn, Gillian
Farjeon, J. JeffersonFlynn, Jay (J.M. Flynn)Franklin, Tom
Farr, CarolineFlynn, RaymondFraser, Anthea
Farrer, KatharineFlynn, VinceFraser, Antonia
Farrow, JohnFoley, RaeFraser, James
Fast, HowardFollett, James
Fawcett, QuinnFollett, Ken Frazer, Andrew
Featherstone, AnnFolsom, AllanFrazer, Margaret
Feddersen, ConnieFootner, HulbertFrazer, Robert Caine
Fee, Derek
Fein, YvonneForbes, ColinFredrickson, Jack
Ferraris, ZoëForbes, LeslieFreedman, J.F.
Ferrars, ElizabethFord, G.M.Freeling, Nicolas
Ferris, GordonFord, LeslieFreeman, Brian
Ferris, MonicaForrest, RichardFreeman, Kathleen
Ferris, TomForster, RebeccaFreeman, R. Austin
Fesperman, DanForsyth, FrederickFreemantle, Brian
Fforde, JasperForsythe, MalcolmFremlin, Celia
Fielding, Joy Fossum, KarinFrench, Nicci
Fields, TriciaFrewin, Anthony
Fifield, ChristyFrey, Stephen
Filbert, Thalia
Finch, CharlesFoster, MarionFroest, Frank
Finch, KayFroetschel, Susan
Finch, PaulFoster, R. FrancisFrome, David
Finder, JosephFoster, RichardFrommer, Sara Hoskinson
Findley, FergusonFouché, JamesFrost, C. Vernon
Fine, Peter Heath
Finnis, JaneFowler, ChristopherFrost, Scott
Fish, Robert L.Fowler, EarleneFurst, Alan
Fisher, BrunoFowler, SydneyFurutani, Dale
Fitt, MaryFox, DavidFutrelle, Jacques
Fitzgerald, ConorFox, James M.Fyfield, Frances


Gaboriau, ÉmileGlazer, Melissa
Gadney, RegGleeson, JanetGrant-Adamson, Lesley
Gage, LeightonGlynn, AlanGraves, Sarah
Gaines, AudreyGoddard, KenGray, Alex
Gainham, SarahGoddard, Robert Gray, Berkeley
Gray, Eleanor
Gaite, FrancisGoff, Christine (Chris Goff)Gray, Gallagher
Gaitano, NickGoldberg, LeeGray, Jonathan
Galbraith, RobertGoldenbaum, SallyGray, Russell
Gallagher, BenteGoldring, KatGrebe, Camilla
Gallagher, StephenGoldsborough, RobertGreeley, Andrew M.
Gallie, MennaGooden, PhilipGreen, Cass 
Gallison, KateGoodis, DavidGreen, Kate
Galton, JohnGoodman, CarolGreen, Sam
Gant, JonathanGoodwin, JasonGreen, Tim
Gano, JohnGordon, AlexGreene, Steven
Garcia-Aguilera, CarolinaGordon, FrancesGreenleaf, Stephen
Garcia-Roza, Luiz AlfredoGordon, NadiaGreenwood, D.M.
Gardiner, DorothyGordon, NeilGreenwood, John
Gardner, Erle StanleyGordon-Smith, Dolores Greenwood, Kerry
Gardner, JohnGores, JoeGregorio, Michael
Gardner, LisaGorman, Ed Gregory, Stephan
Garfield, BrianGosling, PaulaGregory, Susanna
Garner, WilliamGough, LaurenceGregson, J.M. 
Garrett, A.D.Gould, AlanGreth, Roma
Garve, AndrewGrabenstein, ChrisGrey, Lindsey
Gash, JoeGrabien, DeborahGrey, Patricia
Gash, JonathanGrace, C.L.Grierson, Edward
Gask, ArthurGrace, MargaretGrierson, Francis D.
Gates, Eva 
Gault, William CampbellGrady, JamesGriffin, Annie
Gaunt, GrahamGriffin, W.E.B. 
George, AnneGraeme, BruceGriffith, Bill
George, Elizabeth Graeme, DavidGriffiths, Elly
Gerber, Daryl Wood 
Gerhardsen, Carin
Gerritsen, Tess Graeme, RodericGrimes, Martha 
Gibbons, H.H. CliffordGrafton, Sue 
Gibbs, HenryGraham, C.S.Grippando, James
Gibbs, TonyGraham, CarolineGrisham, John
Gieson, Judith VanGraham, Heather Grissom, Ken
Gifford, ThomasGraham, JamesGrogan, David E.
Gilbert, AnthonyGraham, NeillGross, Andrew
Gilbert, MichaelGraham, VanessaGross, Ken
Gill, B.M.Graham, WinstonGruber, Frank
Grahame, JonGruber, Michael
Gill, BartholomewGrandower, ElissaGruley, Bryan
Gill, JosephineGranger, AnnGuicciardi, Luigi
Gill, PatrickGranger, BillGulik, Robert van
Gilman, DorothyGrant, AmbroseGulvin, Jeff
Gimenez, MarkGrant, Andrew (NZ)Gunn, Alastair 
Girard, Danielle Grant, Andrew (UK)Gunn, Elizabeth
Giroux, E.X.Grant, DavidGunn, Victor
Giuttari, MicheleGrant, DouglasGur, Batya
Grant, Ellie
Glass, LeslieGrant, MaxwellGuthrie, Allan
Glass, MatthewGrant, M.C.Guttridge, Peter


Hackler, Micah S.Holden, Craig
Haddam, JaneHart, Carolyn G. (Carolyn Hart)Holden, Dalby
Haddon, ChristopherHart, RoyHolland, Isabelle
Hadley, JoanHartland, MichaelHolland, James
Hartman, HonorHollingdrake, Malcolm 
Hartwell, ElenaHollis, Lee
Hagberg, DavidHartzmark, GiniHollon, Cheryl 
Hager, JeanHarvester, SimonHolme, Timothy
Haggard, WilliamHarvey, ClayHolmes, Grant
Haig, AlecHarvey, JackHolmes, H.H.
Haig, BrianHarvey, James NealHolms, Joyce
Hailey, J.P.Harvey, John Holt, A.J.
Haines, CarolynHarvey, MichaelHolt, Anne
Hale, GlennHaslette, JohnHolt, Hazel
Halket, RobertsonHastings, GrahamHolt, Henry
Hall, AdamHastings, RodericHolt, Samuel
Hall, James W. Hathaway, L.B.Holton, Leonard
Hall, M.R. (Matthew Hall)Haus, IllonaHoltzer, Susan
Hall, Oakley M.Hawke, Richard (US)Home, Michael
Hall, Parnell Hawke, Richard (UK)Homes, Geoffrey
Hawke, Spencer 
Hall, PatriciaHay, Mavis DorielHone, Joseph
Hall, Robert LeeHayder, MoHook, Philip
Halliday, BrettHaymon, S.T.Hooper, Kay
Haynes, Elizabeth 
Halliday, MichaelHayter, SparkleHope, Brian
Hallinan, TimothyHaywood, B.B.Hope, Fielding
Hambly, BarbaraHeald, TimHopley, George
Hamilton, BarbaraHealy, JeremiahHorler, Sydney
Hamilton, DonaldHebden, JulietHornsby, Wendy
Hamilton, LynHebden, MarkHornung, E.W.
Hamilton, SteveHecht, DanielHorowitz, Anthony
Hamilton, SylvianHechtman, BettyHorst, Jørn Lier
Hamilton, Victoria Hedges, JosephHorton, Lesley
Hammett, DashiellHeller, MandasueHosier, Sydney
Hammond, GeraldHenderson, LaurenHousehold, Geoffrey
Hampton, NellHendricksen, LouiseHousewright, David
Handler, DavidHenry, JamesHovey, Joan Hall 
Haney, LaurenHenry, Sara J.
Hanlon, SeanHenry, SueHoward, Clark
Hannah, Mari Hensley, Joe L.Howard, Hartley
Hannah, SophieHerbert, JamesHoward, Leigh
Hannon, EzraHermann, WalterHowell, Lis
Hansen, JosephHerndon, NancyHowie, Edith
Harding, PaulHerren, GregHowley, Brendan
Harding, RichardHerron, MickHoyt, Richard
Hardwick, MichaelHervey, EvelynHubbard, P.M.
Hardwick, MollieHess, JoanHudson, Jeffery
Hare, CyrilHewson, DavidHuebner, Fredrick D.
Harknett, TerryHeyer, GeorgetteHugelschaffer, Dave
Harling, RobertHiaasen, CarlHughes, Chip
Harman, DianneHiggins, George V.Hughes, Colin
Harman, JaneHiggins, JackHughes, Declan
Harper, BrianHighsmith, PatriciaHughes, Dorothy B.
Harper, DavidHightower, Lynn S.Hull, Richard
Harper, KarenHilary, Sarah
Hill, Rayven T.
Harper, PaulHill, ReginaldHume, Fergus
Harper, PhilipHill, SusanHunt, David
Harper, Tom Hillerman, TonyHunt, Gabriel
Harrington, WilliamHilton, John BuxtonHunt, Howard
Harris, C.S.Hilton, MattHunt, Kyle
Harris, CharlaineHimes, ChesterHunter, Alan
Harris, JohnHines, JoannaHunter, Gwen
Harris, LeeHinger, Charlotte Hunter, Harrison
Harris, RobertHitchens, DoloresHunter, Maddy 
Harris, ThomasHoag, TamiHunter, Stephen 
Harris, TimothyHoch, Edward D.Hurley, Graham
Harrison, ColinHochgatterer, PaulusHurwitz, Gregg Andrew
Harrison, CoraHockaby, StephenHutson, Shaun 
Harrison, DavidHocking, AnneHutton, John
Harrison, HarryHodemart, PeterHyatt, Elise
Hodge, Sibel Hyde, Christopher
Harrison, JamieHoffman, JillianeHyland, Adrian
Harrison, Kim Hoffman, WilliamHyman, Tom
Harrison, RayHogan, ChuckHynd, Noel
Harrod-Eagles, CynthiaHogarth, CharlesHyytinen, C.
Harstad, DonaldHolbrook, TeriHyzy, Julie
Hart, Andrea

Ignatius, David 
Iles, Francis
Iles, Greg 
Inchbald, Ralph
Indriðason, Arnaldur 
Innes, Hammond
Innes, Michael
Irish, William
Ironside, Elizabeth
Irvine, Robert
Irving, Karen
Irwin, Stephen M.
Isaacs, Susan
Isherwood, Eve
Isleib, Roberta
Ives, John
Izner, Claude
Izzi, Eugene


Jacks, OliverJason, VeronicaJohnston, Paul
Jackson, Jon A.Jay, CharlotteJohnston, Velda
Jackson, LeeJay, Geraldine HallsJohnstone, William W.
Jackson, LisaJaynes, Roger
Jacobs, Jonnie Jecks, MichaelJolowicz, Philip
Jacobson, AlanJefferies, WilliamJones, Chris Morgan
Jahn, MichaelJeffers, H. PaulJones, J. Sydney
Jahn, Ryan DavidJefferson, M.T.Jones, Merry
Jakeman, JaneJeffrey, WilliamJones, Susanna
James, Bill Jeffries, RodericJones, Tobias
James, DanJenkins, CecilJong, Dola de
James, DavidJenkins, GeoffreyJordan, Holly
James, DeanJenkins, RebeccaJoseph, Alison 
James, DonaldJennings, MaureenJoss, Morag
Jepson, Edgar
James, EmilyJerrold, Ianthe
James, Miranda
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