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Contemporary issues in managing human resources

By expounding on the definitions of relevant terms, such as HRM and downsizing, the researcher delved into the concept of downsizing, its rationale and effects on the organization, for the employees who were laid off and for those who survived the organizational experience. The crucial role that HR plays in the downsizing process has been acknowledged.

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Contemporary issues in managing human resources

Contemporary Issues in Managing Human Resources. The scope of human resources management (HRM) becomes more extensive as management endeavors to meet the needs and goals of its people in the organization. The evolution of human resources management in terms of theoretical frameworks, research and diversity in applications has been increasingly significant in the last century.

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Issues in the Management of Human Resources

one hand, is making our society a knowledge society and making the world a global village where physical boundaries are disappearing and more and more societies and culture are interaction. This interaction has resulted in a transfer of knowledge and various ways of working

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Human Resources in Business

Psychometric literally means “measurement of the mind”. Such tests intend to measure psychological characteristics, such as intellectual

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Human Resources in Business

The bonus system was important to the extent that some employees were performing well in order to obtain the target. Also targets were set in order to guide the workers how well they do their tasks and to monitor their daily work routines. I think

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Business Issues and the Context of Human Resources

Moreover, it also comprises of partner networks in 40 countries that enhanced its portfolio and brand image to a significant extent. Due to which, the organization of Vodafone is recognized as the second largest telecommunication providing organization in the entire

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Business Issues and the Contexts of HR

Human resource management is a very important department in a company as it takes care of employment and resignation of people in the company, structuring the workforce in the company and making

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Human Resources Issues

In today’s workplace, decisions have to be made very fast. These decisions can be made even if one is working from home. Human resource managers can now choose to leave most of their work on autopilot. They can then make critical choices. Decisions can be made faster even if one works from the comfort of their rooms.

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Labor Issues in Human Resources

The HR is tasked with creating a Performance management as there the typical difference from the old type of Performance Management and the current modern type management. The HR is intensely entailed in the recruiting process since they are structured or skilled to create interviews that help in singling out the identity the best candidates.

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What is the question?

Read the question carefully - what are the outcomes required? What supporting evidence will be needed? What are the action words? Are you being asked to describe something, evaluate several different approaches, or compare and contrast a couple of concepts or practices, or a range? Refer to the question on the assignment brief, but also to the criteria for the unit which often give more clues on what is required in terms of detail. Lastly, review any student guidance provided either written, or from your notes from the Unit session. If you’re unsure what the question is requiring you to do, ask your personal tutor.

What do you need to do?

It’s important that you know what the expectations are for word count, and whether this is exact, or within a range (this should be stated clearly on the assignment brief). There may also be particular requirements on layout and formatting of your essay.

Specific requirements for a References list (which lists sources you have used or quoted from directly) and/or a Bibliography (which lists other material you have found useful but not drawn on specifically) will be highlighted on the assignment brief.

Getting everything together

Stage 1

In our guide: 'How to study effectively' [link], it’s suggested that you have a system in place to gather your notes, your references, and the materials, textbooks and various website resources to hand when you sit down to plan. You’ll also need the assignment brief and any guidance sheets provided. Make sure you have a good hour at least for this ’thinking‘ work, as it will form the basis for your research and initial writing.

Note the deadline, and work backwards, planning for an initial draft, a second draft, and then time to tidy up your final draft. Leave plenty of time if you’re working in a busy environment, as unexpected work pressures may overturn your plan.

Stage 2

Taking into account the question and the requirements for evidence or examples, start to consider your current knowledge, your latest learning, your knowledge of your organisation’s approach to the topic (or where you may get this from if you’re not employed or you can’t use information from your organisation), and any comparative views you heard, read or are aware of from wider research. What practices does your organisation have, and what do competitors or relevant third parties do? What is the context in which you are responding to the question – internal and external factors? Start with broad considerations, then narrow down to the precise issues and approach to be discussed.

What other sources (journals, texts, internal documents) will you need to refer to, and how might your appendix (if permitted) support your essay? It’s essential that you make a full record of anything you read when researching your topic, or you can waste valuable time looking for that perfect quote you found, but didn’t write down the page number or source document! While researching for your essay, you’re likely to do a lot of reading and note-taking - our guide on 'How to study effectively' has more on reading and note-taking skills.

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