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Cluster 1 Theory 21.1 To Identify and Explain the relevant theory/theories.Sun Zi said: “Moral influence refers to the measures and policies that align thepeople with the sovereign so as to be in complete agreement and harmony with each other.”This means that one of the leader who is justice, righteousness, benevolence, will reposesconfidence with the army, therefore the army will feel happy and more united to serve theirleader. The Book of Changes said:” In happiness at overcoming difficulties, people forget thedanger of death.” Be connected by business field, moral is the element that essential to all peoplewith the intention of agreeing your implemented policies, so that the businessman will supportand follow the product and service that suit to provide to the consumers.Ethical leader established a level of integrity that accentuates their honestly, hence thefollower will try to accept leader's vision. Playing a main role in communicating anorganization's values are tasks of moral leader. Moral leaders need to show about the moraldimension of their decisions and actions. Moreover, a moral leader communicates anorganization's values. Moral climate in their organizations and help others to understand, share,and act in agreement with those values is what ethical leader do. Plus, moral influence is animportant principle that everyone should be having it.1.2 To analyze and discuss the Company’s Practices/Operation (Any Listed Company) inrelation to the selected theory/theories.In year 1938, Samsung the banded have been founded in Taegu local in Korean. Aftermany years, Samsung have try to change with other name such as Samsung Fire & MarineInsurance, Samsung Life Insurance and until today of the name called Samsung Everland. In theyear 1970, Samsung have produce the first white and black television. Lastly, Samsung have


duties. As a result, a good relationship as well as good working environment willachieve the organization goals within a short period of time.Moreover, social responsibility is important because the society of nowadays are putting pressure on organization in ethical practices. It has been studied that, theorganization that practices social responsibilities will gain more market sharescompare to those who are not.Moral influence is a vital tool for people in and out of the organization to come intoagreement and have confidence towards the leader in bringing up the moral valuesand guiding them through the difficulties.


Weather refers to the contrasting changes of night and day, the coldness of winter andthe heat of summer, and seasonal changes.Weather in management perception is review as changes that occur includingcustomer preferences, increasing competitors, advancement of new technologies,economic forces such as economic growth or recession, and the international arena.External or internal forces translate into a perceive needs for change within theorganization. However, many people are not willing to change unless they perceive a problem or a crisis. Managers are responsible for monitoring threats and opportunitiesin the external environment as well as strengths and weaknesses within theorganization to determine whether a need for change exists.In the business, one of the strategies for change is by using marketing mix, blendingof the four strategy elements which are Product, Price, Promotion, and Place (4P) tofit the needs and preferences of a specific target market.


is a broad concept that also encompasses the satisfaction of all customer needs in relation to a good, service, or an idea.

Product strategy

involves more thandeciding what goods or service the firm should offer to a group of customers. It alsoincludes decisions about customer service, package design, brand names, trademark,3

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