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History Of Football Essay

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History Of Football

Sometime around 1050, Englishmen dug up a skull of a dane and started to kick it around in frustration toward the dane. It became known as “Kicking the dane’s head” .The skull began to hurt the boy’s feet, so a boy came up with the idea of using an inflated cow bladder to help their feet(Tuttle, 13).

In 1189, King Henry banned the game, because people were too involved in the game to practice archery and fighting for war(Tuttle, 13). During the 1500’s the game shifted to Ireland where people invented the Irish rules that made the game tougher. As the game progressed it turned into soccer and rugby(Tuttle, 14).

On November 6, 1869, Princeton and Rutgers played the first college soccer game(Tuttle,…show more content…

After passing became effective the game became more enjoyable and attendance greatly increased

Since teams were not getting a fair amount of talent out of college, The NFL Draft was built in 1936(Encarta). This allowed teams to take turns selecting players out of college. The NFL later allowed juniors to enter into the Draft in 1989(Encarta).

As soon as Professional football became more popular, College football began to also. During the 1930’s college football created bowl games for the good teams to compete with one another(Lorrimor and Devaney, 35). Among the most popular bowl games are the Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and the Orange Bowl(Lorrimor and Devaney, 141).

Seeing how much success the National Football League was having, The American Football League (AFL) was made in 1960(Lorrimor and Devaney, 11). The AFL started with just 8 teams, and their play was very sloppy and not professional(Lorrimor and Devaney, 11). After a few seasons the AFL became just as good as the NFL.

It got to a point where the American Football League was considered the better league of the two. The competition between the two leagues was driving both of them into bankruptcy, so in 1966 the leagues finally made peace(Lorrimor and Devaney, 12). They decided not to fight over getting players, and at the end of each season they would have a playoff where the winner of both leagues would face one

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Why people should play football

January 4, 2011

Everyone Should Play the Great Game of Football: A Persuasive Essay on Football

The game of football is something that is very intriguing. Most people think that it’s a only a game of super star athletes and hard hitting. Little do they know there is much more to this game. Behind the scenes is where the true football players are made. Hard work, long days, and fatigue all describe what the preparation is like. However, while all of this seems so difficult the rewards that being a football player provides are priceless.

One of the greatest rewards of being a football player is feeling like you are part of a “family.” After a team has gone through off season workouts, summer workouts, and eventually two-a-days they become bonded. The bond is similar to a big brother-little brother bond. Everyone is always looking out for each other and nothing can separate them. During this bonding process, many friends are made. Players discover teammates that have the same will and desire as they do for the game. Not only do they become friends on the field, but off the field as well.

Another one of the great rewards of football is game days. After the long, hard week of practice is over it is time for the team to see how they match up. There is nothing better than preparing to walk onto the field in front of over 2,000 screaming and yelling fans knowing that you get the opportunity to see how you stack up against your opponent. Not only does this provide great enthusiasm, it also provides the home team with an advantage. During the game, the “trash talk” and opposing teams will to win drive the players harder than anything else. However, the football game itself is something that every player always enjoys. One main reason players enjoy it is because if they mess up at any time, there is always an opportunity later in the game to make up for it. Unless you have actually experienced this, you cannot relate to it.

The game of football can always provide someone with great opportunity. It always gives people that feel like they have nothing something to hope for. Being part of a football team is something that will never be regretted. The games and friendships are things that are cherished forever. Anyone who wants to be a part of something they can cherish forever, I definitely recommend playing the game of football. The rewards that are available are flat out mind boggling.

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